Travel / Leisure

Travel photography

Having 5 home countries, and knowing 4 languages and counting, expanding home and connecting with more people is to me a great comfort.

The sky is the place I feel most connected and belonging with other people, when everybody else is also away from home.

I have no hesitation or boundaries when it comes to furthering my journey, I will fly anyway, if I hear a voice calling my name.


Art / Photography

Portrait photography

Human beings are beautiful just as anybody knows as a fact.
I have always dreamt of David Douglas Duncan - Pablo Picasso relationship where we can see one's whole life through photographs.

"I can't live my teenage year again", but I can always photograph teenage youngsters and remind myself that I was, again.

I would trace somebody's life and make it into photographs, would be my pleasure.



Snow-white series is the best suited for portrait photos, the presets use unique contrast of turquoise and tangerine and balance the tone of skin colour.

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